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Linkman is a bookmark manager that integrates with Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, and Opera
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2 April 2013

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Bookmarking most certainly has enabled users to keep track of all the pages of a book so that he or she doesn’t find any difficulty in finding them next time. Similarly while you keep surfing the websites for all kinds of purposes and finds certain of them highly essential bookmark software application are also highly necessitate. To give you the same capability in a much more profound way try using Linkman Pro 8.80. As you will be carrying significant amount of bookmarks for end number of website it might get out of hand for you to manage. In such scenario Linkman Pro 8.80 will come massively handy and give you the ability to organize all the repository of bookmarks you have with you.

The Linkman Pro 8.80 has all that you require for keeping a perfect database of the bookmarks for the entire website you have. Best part of the application is that it integrates with all the popular browsers including IE, Google Chrome, Opera and Firefox. As a result the application will automatically store the bookmarks in your computer easily. Furthermore the application also offers built-in support for array of applications such as Sky Drive, Google Drive and Drop box to name a few. Additionally the application can also be installed in USB and give you the ability for portability. You can manage the bookmarks in terms of keywords, folders or folders only and keywords only. Impressively it stores the Bookmarks in XML database and ensures a security that limits to almost 15 years. Even the most non-tech savvy person can operate this application and enable you to keep well systematized bookmarks.

With Linkman Pro 8.80 you can possess all the bookmarks available with you in an easy way. We rate this application with a rating of three stars out of five.

Publisher's description

Linkman Pro is a link checker tool that can check bookmarks for dead links, intelligent (only major) content changes, and page movements. After the link checking procedure, the names of the links with changed content since your last validation will be underlined. Dead links (status 404) will get a red icons, and sites that have moved (status 301 and 302) to a new domain will get yellow icons. The link checker has the ability to automatically update URLs of links that have moved to the address of the new location. Linkman's link checker has the ability ro retrieve missing link names, descriptions, keywords and customizable meta tags.
Linkman Pro is a link manager that integrates with the Firefox, Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, and Opera browsers. It replaces the browser's native bookmarks with far more powerful link management facilities.
Linkman offers you an easy way to protect your privacy. You get the ability to password protect bookmarks. Since Linkman can load two different databases at the same time, you even get the option to make one database public and to password protect the second database. Select password protection from the file menu to set a password and then save your database. The next time you load Linkman (with this database as default), you will be asked for a password.
With Linkman you can export bookmarks in a variety of formats. You can even build your own Export Templates. Several Template examples, such as XML and HTML output, are included. With some basic scripting knowledge you can export bookmarks in virtually any format you need. Template output can be generated automatically every time the Linkman XML database is saved.
Linkman Pro
Linkman Pro
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